Thule AB is located in northern Greenland, and is the only Air Force Base within the Arctic Circle.
I arrived on 16 January 2004. It's cold...very cold.

Just north of Thule are Qaanaaq and Siorapaluk, the northernmost
inhabited town and village
(respectively) in the

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Some interesting Greenland facts:

* Greenland is the largest island in the world. "Greenland" in local tongue is Kalaallit Nunaat.
* It's almost completely covered in snow and ice - the actual land is over a mile beneath the ice! (Of
   the 840,000 square miles of land mass, only 127,000 is not covered in ice)
* In the northern regions, the sun sets in October and won't be seen again until February
* In May, the sun will rise one last time, and won't set again until August.
* There are no roads connecting the different towns and villages with Greenland; the only way to get
   from point A to point B is either by helicopter or plane, by sea (boat or kayak), or dogsled.

Some history:

* The Inuits (peoples of Greenland) were originally from the Siberian peninsula of Russia. They crossed
   the Bearing Strait to Alaska about 30,000 years ago and slowly migrated east. The first arrival on
  Greenland was about 4,500 years ago.
* Around 980A.D., Erik the Red (named so for his bright red hair), a Norseman, was company to a tribe in
   Iceland. He was banished from Iceland and traveled alone to a small green landmass not far west where
   he lived for his 3-year sentence. Not realizing that the area he lived in was the only area of what's now
   Greenland that was actually green, he returned to Iceland telling of his newly found land. Many years of
   stories (or Sagas) were written about the time spent on both islands.

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